Kiwi Ice Cream

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In nature, the species are pollinated by birds and native bumblebees, which visit the flowers for pollen, not nectar. The female flowers produce fake anthers with what appears to be pollen on the tips in order to attract the pollinators, although these fake anthers lack the DNA and food value of the male anthers.

Kiwifruit growers rely on honey bees, the principal ‘for-hire’ pollinator. But commercially grown kiwifruit is notoriously difficult to pollinate. The flowers are not very attractive to honey bees, in part because the flowers do not produce nectar and bees quickly learn to prefer flowers with nectar.

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250 ml, 450 ml, 750 ml

2 reviews for Kiwi Ice Cream

  1. Jonathan Smith Verified owner

    I was skeptical at first. “Kiwi ice cream”…? But this was great! Perfect if you like ice creams that are not too sweet.

  2. Jennifer

    Lovely 🙂

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